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Du 28/06/2019 au 30/06/2019

affiche deEUROPEAN BUG-IN 8

Chimay (B)


THE CONCEPT : The Original Bug-In saga started way back in 1968 on the American West Coast and it quickly grew into THE major VW event that lasted for just 15 years... Today the Bug-In name has a legendary status. And now, for the fifth time, this show concept lands on Belgian soil under the EUROPEAN BUG-IN flag! This event was conceived with the approval and support of Richard Kimball, one of the original Californian Bug-In Promotors.

The Chimay Race Track is a road course located in the Southern Belgian country side only miles away from the French Border, right next to the small town of Chimay. It's a small town, conveniently located in the center of Europe, but it really is world famous because of its Trappist Monk Beer Brewery.


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