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Du 25/10/2018 au 28/10/2018

affiche deAuto e Moto d\'epoca

Padoue (It)

Auto e Moto d'epoca

For many years the Padua Show has been the Italian event for motor lovers and fanatics of the wider culture connected with the automotive field.

General interest in Auto e Moto d’epoca has been growing every year as people become increasingly aware that the power of new models depends on the wealth and tradition they bring with them. The values and history of car manufacturers are now heritage shared with all motorists.

Discovering that behind a new model there are years of research, innovation and success is a fascinating experience for anyone who drives or has driven a car or motorbike.

At the Padua Show, you can dive into the past and touch the present and future of this world with your own hands. It is an intergenerational event that can excite everyone - men, women, young people, fanatics or anyone who is simply curious. An event that leaves you with beauty, dreams and creativity.

The Padua Exhibition Centre is located in Via Niccolò Tommaseo 59, Padova.

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